What is Lead Management for Sales

Lead Management for Sales is an iPhone app that lets sales persons effortlessly log their sales lead qualification progress in seconds, then easily share it via email or automatically synchronize it to their Salesforce or Highrise CRM accounts. At the heart of the app is a simple and elegant form that clearly lays out the seven standard criteria used by sales persons to qualify their sales leads. Selections are done by a flick of the finger, and no text

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entry is mandated, so a typical qualification summary can be completed in less than 15 seconds.

Was it previously called Lead Qualifier?

Yes. We introduced the new name in version 1.2.

What CRM systems are supported?

Currently, Lead Management for Sales supports the submission of lead qualification summaries to any email, as well as directly to via the 'email-to-salesforce' feature. Simply enter the desired target email address in the Setup screen of the app. In, you can find your unique email-to-salesforce address under [Your Name] / Setup / Email / my Email to Salesforce.

Tip: copy the address and send it to your device's email account, then copy the address from the device's mail app and paste it in Lead Qualifier's setup screen.

Alternatively, users whose environment supports API access (check with your admin to find out if your org is API enabled), can seamlessly login from within Lead Management for Sales to their Salesforce CRM. This allows them to import their leads from the CRM and automatically synchronize the qualification summary as an activity record within that lead. This automatic sync with Salesforce CRM allows busy sales reps to save a lot of time otherwise spent on going to their CRM, navigating to the lead, and entering the call or meeting summary details as a task or event.

Who can most benefit from Lead Management for Sales?

It is most suited for sales persons, in practically any industry, who are handling a relatively consistent volume of leads on a daily basis, and are responsible for qualifiying them.

I like the app, but we use a modified process. Can the app be customized?

We have designed the app to be highly customizable, and have it in our plans to enable users in the future to customize the qualification process to their specific requirements. Meanwhile, if you're interested in a custom version of Lead Management for Sales for your business or organization, feel free to contact us by writing to support at appxtrm dot com, and we'll be happy to assist as much as we can.

How are lead qualification criteria defined?

The lead qualification process is normally a repeatable business process that can be modeled to fit many different sale scenarios. In the Lead Management for Sales iPhone app, we have used a variation of BANT (Budget Authority Need Timeline) to define seven core criteria that are used to support the sales person’s lead management process:

  1. Need level - indicates the degree to which a relevant need has been identified at the customer
  2. Buying process - indicates whether the sales person was able to confirm that a customer purchasing process is in place
  3. Offering fit - indicates how well the identified need fit the offering that the sales person is responsible for, be it a service or a product
  4. Budget fit - indicates whether the sales person has confirmed that an adequate budget has been allocated by the customer for procurement
  5. Decision maker - indicates whether the sales person has identified and contacted the purchasing decision authority at the customer’s organization
  6. Competition level - indicates the existence and perceived threat level of the competition
  7. Instinct says - this is intended to record the sales person’s subjective assessment of the qualification status.

Do I have to answer all the qualification items to submit a summary?

No. You can address as many qualification items as you want, and share the summary as usual.

How to configure CRM settings in the app?

The only setting you need to set is the email address to which reports are sent by the Lead Qualifier app. This is done in the Setup screen, which is accessible from the Leads screen.

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AppXtrm is an app conception and development team dedicated to creating highly useful iOS apps that target the nascent business apps category. AppXtrm’s first app is Lead Management for Sales (formerly Lead Qualifier), a CRM-connected utility that helps sales people create and share their lead qualification progress in mere seconds.

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